What Are the Best Ways to Extend Your Home?

As time goes on you may find that you require more space in the home than you initially thought. Picked up any new hobbies? Need additional storage? Or maybe expecting another member of the family?

There is a multitude of factors that may lead to you needing more space within the home and often finding different ways to extend the home itself is a much more affordable solution than having to move while also boosting the value of your property if resale is an option in the future.

Keep reading to find out about some of the best ways in which you can extend your home.



The most common form of property extension is that of a conservatory. Conservatories are additional rooms joined to a property and are made mostly of glass which makes them an affordable solution in contrast to a full brick extension.

They allow for a large amount of natural light to flow into your home and can be insulated to serve as a functional living space. Unless they are very large, you live in a listed property or conservation area a conservatory extension will not require planning permission.


The Loft

Most lofts are used solely as storage spaces and contain an assortment of stuff that’s not really used, why not use this space for something else instead? Loft extensions are a larger and more expensive form of extension which can potentially add a huge amount of space to your property.

Most loft extensions make use of the space already present and look to change the shape or height of the roof in order to provide a functional living area. Loft conversions are a more substantial form of extension and may therefore require planning permission.


Garage Renovations

Similarly to a loft, your garage may just be serving a role as a storage space and can be taken advantage of in order to increase the overall size of your property. A key consideration before deciding to renovate your garage is to decide whether you have an alternative form of parking available if you’ve previously been using your garage to park your car.

Garages can be an effective form of extension due to not needing to build a structure from scratch but may in turn require a fair number of alterations before they are usable as a functional living space.


Garden Studios and Sheds

Depending on your property you may find that you have a lot of untapped space in your back garden. There are a variety of studio and shed types available on the market that are designed to be placed in back gardens and serve as an additional space.

While technically this isn’t really an extension to your home, it can still increase the value of your property and provide you with additional space.


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