The Questions You Need to Ask When Buying a New Home

Buying a home is a massive step to take, regardless of if you’re part of a family buying your first home or a property ladder veteran with multiple homes, chances are the whole buying process feels very daunting and ensuring you have all the correct information on the property likely weighs heavily on your mind, read on below to find out some of the questions you need to ask when buying a new home.


Why Are They Selling?

No doubt you’ve heard some of the ghost stories of properties being sold for cost cut prices on a case of them being in poor states or having a dubious history, luckily if you’re based in the West Midlands Hadleigh’s can help you gain a comprehensive idea of the information behind the property you are looking to buy. Making sure to ask about the reasons behind the sale can help you gain a better idea of the issues within the property (if there are any and it's not just a convenience sale) while also learning more about related subjects.


What’s the Area Like?

It’s likely that if you’re genuinely considering the property on offer you may already know some information about the area, luckily learning about the current state of affairs in the locale is simple through the internet but asking the owner or agent face-to-face can give you some tips about the area you may not have found otherwise. If you have specific requirements of the home such as parking, nearby shops, accessibility needs, schools, etc it may be beneficial to ask before looking to put in a bid.


What is Included in the Sale?

Relocating the entire contents of the home will likely be too much for the current owner and if prompted they may offer pieces of furniture to sweeten the deal, on the other hand, you may find that they are willing to sell for a very reasonable price on a basis of being unable to dispose of them. It’s important to ask ahead of time as you may be surprised on the day of the move if the owner removes furniture needed for the property to function.


What are the Neighbours Like?

Making sure to ask about the neighbours will allow you to avoid stepping on any toes in the area and get you up to speed on any local traditions or preferences. You may also find that the owner is willing to introduce you directly starting your relationship on the right foot. Being on good terms with your neighbours can lead to you being able to ask many of these questions to them directly later down the line.

Making sure to ask all the questions you have ahead of purchasing the property will help you get a good idea about all aspects of the property.


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