The Most Expensive Roads To Live On in Birmingham

Birmingham has a variety of expensive properties filled with excitement and space to explore. Most people decide to move to Birmingham to retire due to the area being secure and much cheaper than other areas within England such as London.

In this blog, we go through the most expensive roads within Birmingham providing key details for each road and why it is worth purchasing a property on the specific road. 


Farquhar Road, Edgbaston

This is one of Birmingham’s most prestigious sites adjacent to the University of Birmingham, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and parks such as the Edgbaston Pool. Some houses even have their own private park.  With the Edgbaston Priory Club is adjacent, this road is nearby a variety of recreational facilities such as cricket and squash.

In this neighbourhood, there are the King Edward School and King Edward VI Girls High School, as well as the BMI Edgbaston Hospital. With a wide selection of amenities nearby, it puts this street in its own bracket. The average price for each home on this road is valued at £1.38m, which means moving to this location will require a large sum of money and that’s not including possible additional costs, such as renovations.


Westfield Road, Edgbaston

This tree-lined road is distinguished by large detached houses, most of them are Victorian houses that sit behind high hedges and wide driveways, and with long lush gardens on the rear. Moving to this area costs approximately cost £1.09m.

Like much of the remainder of this area of Edgbaston, it is part of the 1,500-acre Calthorpe Farm, which started as the manor of Edgbaston Hall and now forms one-third of all the listed buildings in Birmingham.

The University of Birmingham, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Winterbourne Botanic Gardens aren’t very far and are lined by a variety of other green spaces near Chad Brook, including parks such as the Edgbaston Lake.


Carpenter Road, Edgbaston

Carpenter Road is well known for their luxurious properties and the most expensive property sold in Birmingham for a whopping £4,725,0000, which is featured with eight bedrooms and a large, beautiful garden along with an indoor swimming pool.

There are various places to visit and explore near the property such as Botanical gardens and Edgbaston Cricket Ground, which is located quite close to the Mansion, along with multiple known restaurants in the area. The Birmingham City Centre is located 5-10 minutes away from the property.

Edgbaston is a wonderful place to live and would be the perfect area to purchase your dream property.


Dorridge Road, Dorridge, Solihull

As far as the ‘ideal’ property is concerned, Dorridge is considered to be one of the ideal places to live as the road is very quiet. Situated next to schools, sports facilities and shops as well as motorway access and countryside routes, it is easy to travel to and from the nearby railway station.

Along with most of the roads on our list, Dorridge gives the feeling of a rural retreat whilst also being close to all the major modern amenities. With an average property price of over £882,500 over the last year, it’s not a small investment if you’re considering moving properties. 


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