The Most Expensive Property Areas Across the UK

Location plays a huge part in property price and it's not rare to see the overall value of an area skyrocket with the construction of an amenity or cultural attraction.

When thinking of expensive locations, London is probably the first that comes to mind but there are in fact several other areas across the UK that are more expensive based on average house price vs median annual earnings.


Number 5: Chichester

Not only is Chichester incredibly well connected with direct transport links to Brighton, Portsmouth, and London, the cathedral city has a great history with many local amenities and cultural landmarks that make it an attractive location for professionals as well as families.

The average house price sits at a considerable £446,899.


Number 4: Truro

A slightly unique one within this list, the average house price within Truro is £356,788 which (while still high) is considerably lower than that of Chichester. What makes it such an expensive place to buy property is its low median annual wage of £29,558.

Yet another cathedral city, Truro is known for its stunning architecture and great access to local amenities and attractions.


Number 3: Bath

The stunning roman architecture of Bath has led to it becoming a famous tourist attraction across the globe. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places in the UK but it also boasts access to world-famous museums, theatres and shopping amenities.

The city is incredibly desirable and offers an average house price of £476,470.


Number 2: Oxford

The main thing Oxford is known for is its world-famous university. But it is far more than just a city for students. Direct access to historical buildings and locality to great restaurants, bars, museums, and a great many other amenities makes Oxford a highly favourable place to buy property.

The local countryside is also home to many manors and is favoured by wealthy executives. The average house price in Oxford sits at £486,928 which is comparatively high to its average wage of £39,220 qualifying it as one of the most expensive locations across the UK.


Number 1:  Winchester

Coming in at number one in the list of most expensive property areas in the UK is Winchester. Like many of the other locations on this list, Winchester is a cathedral city with an illustrious history highly significant within the UK.

The high quality of schooling, low crime rate and beautiful architecture make Winchester a favourite amongst locals and tourists and a favourable place to purchase a property. A combination of an incredibly high house price average of £630,423, and a comparatively modest average wage of £45,059 is what placed Winchester so high up on this list.


Please note: these are average house prices and may change over time.


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