How to Take Part in The Energy Efficiency Boom

The property market has changed a great deal in the last few decades with one of the key areas being sustainability and energy efficiency. There is now a great deal of information available on how a property can become more environmentally friendly and many homeowners are coming to realise just how important this can be in not only helping to protect the environment but also saving themselves money.

Whilst implementing these solutions may not always be cheap or easy, their diverse range means that there is always a way to make your property more environmentally friendly.



While there are many people who believe that the only part of a property that can be insulated is the walls, insulation is much more of a bespoke, versatile solution than that.

Some of the most common types of insulation also include flooring, loft, and roof, but can be placed pretty much in any space between walls. Detached houses are especially susceptible to loss of heat through uninsulated material due to being exposed to outside air from all sides

However, this doesn’t mean that other property types are energy efficient and insulation may still be a very practical choice even for terraced or semi-detached housing.



Ever came home from work only to realise that you’ve left the lighting on all day?

It’s not a particularly uncommon occurrence for many but is something that can potentially compromise the energy efficiency of your property.

Accidents do happen but their damage can be very much limited through the use of LED lighting that can use up to 90% less electricity whilst also lasting up to 15 times as long.

It’s still not recommended that you leave them on 24/7, but if you accidentally do, you are far less likely to find that you’ve been hit with a weighty electricity bill.

If you know that you are prone to leaving the lights on when out, why not invest in smart lightbulbs? Boasting the energy efficiency of an LED lightbulb whilst also offering the option to switch them on or off from your phone, smart lightbulbs are a very practical option for increased energy efficiency without breaking the bank.


Windows and Doors

One of the primary reasons that properties lose heat is due to single glazed, or poor-quality windows that struggle to retain temperature. Since swapping them out is seldom even considered an option, many people still have single glazing and look to other parts of the home when wanting to become more energy efficient.

Double and Triple glazing are both options for these kinds of properties and can greatly help to mitigate heat loss.

Doors are of a similar vein but are frequently responsible for less heat loss than windows due to there being fewer of them. This doesn’t mean that they do not play a significant role through and will require quick replacement once they show signs of no longer being as insulative as they were original.  


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