How to Simplify the Moving Process for Tenants

As a tenant, moving property is always going to entail at least some level of stress. There are countless tasks to carry out and to ensure that your new property is up and running as quickly as possible and they will need to be done correctly.

In order to simplify the moving process for tenants, our team at Hadleigh Estate Agents have put together a list of the key factors you may wish to keep in mind.


Check Your Meter Readings

For tenants who have been renting out a property and will be moving out, it’s important to take your meter readings at the end of the tenancy. After your landlord or letting agent has inspected the property, it’s vital to take a meter reading and let the provider know that you have left. This is to avoid being charged for energy that the new tenant is using.

Take note of the final readings when you give the keys back to your landlord or letting agent and get in touch with the energy provider to let them know that you have left the property. You should also leave an address where the provider can send any outstanding bills so that you can settle the remaining bills.


Getting the Deposit Back

If your landlord or letting agent holds your deposit, you should be able to get your money back in most cases. There is a good chance that you may have discussed this ahead of your move but if you’re unable to recall, it should be mentioned in your tenant agreement. Ensure that you’ve got a good idea of what happens to your deposit before the completion of your moving process.


Use the Right Type of Boxes

There are many brands of boxes available online and across stores, choosing what type of boxes you use for the move is surprisingly important. You may be inclined to simply choose the cheapest brand (since you’re probably going to need quite a few) but this method can lead to you buying low-quality boxes that aren’t designed to hold some of the weightier household appliances that you may be transporting.

Ensure that you have the right sizes and materials of boxes or containers so that you can safely transport your belongings. If you have heavy and sharp items to move, you may want to use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes as they are more durable.


Safeguard Fragile Items

Whether you’re moving your possessions professionally or not, there is every chance that your items may be damaged during the moving process. In order to prevent this, all of the fragile or valuable items that are being moved need to be properly packaged using materials such as bubble wrap or packing paper.

While this isn’t guaranteed to protect your possessions, it can make them more resistant to the potential damage they may incur. Vases, pots, and other fragile items will need to be packaged with extra care. You may even wish to use expanding foam packaging to prevent items from moving about when being transported.


Take Inventory

Your possessions make up a major part of your home and moving them can feel like a real task. In order to ensure that the items are organised and you don’t lose anything during the move, you may want to take inventory of where everything is.

Make a list of all of the items or boxes that you are transporting so that you can check them off with the list when they arrive at the new property. A move can create a huge mess in both your old and new homes, taking inventory can add at least a minor sense of order to the chaos.


Hire a Quality Moving Company

During the moving process, you’re going to want as much help as possible. Hiring a moving company that is happy and willing to help you move items around your home can make the whole process easier. Depending on the value of the items you wish for them to transport, you may also want to vet them first in order to ensure that they are trustworthy.

Read up on their online reviews to see what other customers have been saying about the company. Ask your friends and family to see if they can recommend any reliable moving companies that they've had a good experience with.


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