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With the increased popularity of home, DIY and house moving TV programmes, it can sometimes be a minefield when it comes to thinking about how to get your property into shape for selling.   

Yes, these programmes may give us lots of ideas to improve our homes and make them attractive to buyers. But they can also make us feel a little intimidated about the amount of work our house needs when we come to put it up for sale.

And of course, it doesn’t always pay to do major renovations to your home to sell it. Many people are now looking for a property as an investment for example as a buy to let or to design a house exactly as they want, and a house or flat that ‘needs work’ is seen as desirable.

At the end of the day, we all want a good return on our initial investment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money to overhaul your home.

Tips for Preparing Your Property

So, what are the easy and inexpensive fixes that are needed to make your home stand out from the others on the property market? 

  • It’s about selling the features your property has. Make the most of the fantastic features you already have and make sure you market these. Describe things like the fireplace, open plan kitchen/diner, big windows for natural light and en suite bathrooms.
  • They say kitchen and bathrooms sell houses, so think about doing small updates around the house. Could you replace tired cupboard doors, re-grouting tiles, fix broken hinges, shelving etc.
  • Home organisation is important; messy rooms can make potential buyers feel stressed. De-clutter and make sure your house is sparkling clean.  It doesn’t have to be up to Marie Kondo standards, but decluttering makes the most of the space you have and can give off positive vibes. Invest in storage units or boxes are an inexpensive and quick way of tidying up your bits and pieces.
  • Tidy up any outside areas of your property. Does the front drive need weeding, garage need a lick of paint, lawn need mowing, kids slides and bikes storing away? This will add kerb appeal to your home.


Given we spend 80-90% of our time indoors, our living spaces can often dictate how we feel.  It makes sense we want to go to great lengths to ensure our surroundings make ourselves feel happy and positive.

‘Staging’ your house is important, think about how you are presenting your property to potential buyers.  You may spend hours dusting ceiling corners, scrubbing at the kitchen floor, or rearranging the furniture.  However, there are other changes you may not have thought of.

  • Adding plants to home is a relatively inexpensive addition to make to your home.
  • Invest in bright rugs and cushions to make your home feel comfortable.
  • Natural flooring can stimulate proximity to nature – giving a relaxed and calm air.
  • Change up the lighting. You want it to be bright and airy, use standard lamps, or colour changing LED lights or even fairy lights. A poorly lit environment can be an immediate turn off to potential buyers.
  • Use smells to have a big impact on your space and how you want your guests to feel. They can have an immediate effect on the awakening of senses, just make sure they’re not overpowering…


So, you don’t need to be a Nick Knowles or Kirsty and Phil to get your property into ship-shape condition to sell.  Most buyers will come in and change things to suit their own taste.  With a little TLC, some cleaning supplies, and a great estate agent who will know what buyers are looking for, your house will probably sell faster than you expect.


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