Home Automation and Its Benefits

Properties have evolved a great deal over the last few years and alterations to technology have led to increased functionality within modern homes.

More and more (especially younger more tech-savvy) property buyers are now actively looking for properties that have incorporated some level of home automation which has led to many modern homes containing automation to at least some level.

Read on to find out more about home automation and if it’s the right option for your property.


What is Home Automation?

The convergence of technology with home appliances is what is referred to as Home Automation. The purpose behind merging the two lies in the potential increase in functionality. By automating your blinds, you can roll them down in the evenings through your phone (or adjust them to do so automatically) rather than having to stand up and do it manually.

While this is a relatively mundane example, it summarises the purpose of home automation and can be used on larger and more vital appliances such as boilers or even security cameras. Home automation can be used on a variety of appliances but usually culminates in control through your mobile phone or other remote in order to be as convenient as possible.

Home automation can come in many forms but it is often tailor-made to suit the needs of the property owner as well as the capabilities of the individual appliances.   


What Are the Benefits of Home Automation?

With more and more young home buyers looking for technologically advanced properties, the value of having home automation is more prominent than ever.

Due to the demand, properties with home automation fetch a higher price on the market and can potentially be the difference between a buyer selecting your property and another. The value that they can add to your home very much depends on how much and what kind of home automation is present but this can generally be in the thousands.

The leading benefit behind home automation is in line with its original purpose; it makes your daily life much more convenient saving you time on mundane tasks while usually also improving on the functionality of the appliances themselves.

An additional layer of security can also be a massive benefit and appliances such as security cameras and doorbells can all be automated making your home more secure.


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