Benefits of Getting Advice Before You Let

Some property owners may have been thinking about letting their properties for different reasons. Whether you’ve made an investment into a property that you are not residing in or you’ve inherited property that you are not residing in, letting the property could help to bring in extra money.

Letting is an option that could offer homeowners additional income if they wish to let their property to someone. It can also be a complex procedure and it is important to speak with either a professional or a fellow landlord in order to come up with a checklist of things you may need to keep in mind. 

If this is your first time letting a property or you just want an expert to take care of the process for you, you may wish to consult a letting agent.


Advice on Cost

Being able to manage personal finances is a skill many people find difficult and regardless of how financially savvy the property owner may be, the responsibilities that come with being a landlord can stretch your purse strings in directions you were not expecting. While many see it simply as a way of topping up or generating income, it could likely end up costing money for maintenance, repairs, refurbishments and upgrades. Getting advice from our experts at Hadleigh Estate Agents can help you prepare your property to let and understand what your responsibilities as a landlord will be. 


Advice on Law

Landlords are required to carry out a range of legal responsibilities before letting their property and also during the tenancy term. This makes getting advice on legal matters very important if you are not aware. Before looking to move tenants in, as a part of our service at Hadleigh, we provide advice on specific letting matters, support with producing tenancy agreements and any other additional required paperwork.

The main element to check as a part of the owner’s legal due diligence include:

  • Meeting of safety standards such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, gas safety certificates, safe drinkable water etc,
  • Repairs also come under the landlord’s jurisdiction with the responsibility of fixing any damaged parts of the house such as leaking roofs or cracked windows,
  • Tenant information is needed in order to carry out checks to make sure that the tenant has a right to rent and is legally allowed to reside in the UK,
  • Energy Performance, before a property is rented out an EPC has to be carried out to ensure that the property is energy efficient.

Additional information is offered by our experts who are more than happy to provide advice, contact us today!


Hadleigh’s Letting Services

In order to make the letting experience as pleasant and manageable as possible, we offer a comprehensive range of services such as:

  • Visiting you at your property to provide a rental valuation and offer advice.
  • Accompanied viewing with fully comprehensive tenant referencing by an approved credit agency.
  • Preparing a suitable tenancy agreement with any additional paperwork
  • Collecting monthly rental payments
  • Arranging any maintenance or repairs
  • Arranging periodic inspections

This is not an exhaustive list of letting services that we provide, view our Landlords Letting Service for more information about what we can offer for our clients.

Letting can be a useful way of bringing in some money every month, but without proper management, it can be stressful. Getting advice at the start or even during the tenancy can offer the owner a fresh perspective into how they can make sure both them and their tenant have a pleasant experience with the property.


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