New Renting and Landlord Property Rules to be Implemented in April

Over the previous year, the property industry has seen great change with many estate agents, property buyers, sellers and landlords having to alter their processes in line with what is now considered the norm. The government has announced that they will be implementing a new set...

How to Take Part in The Energy Efficiency Boom

The property market has changed a great deal in the last few decades with one of the key areas being sustainability and energy efficiency. There is now a great deal of information available on how a property can become more environmentally friendly and many homeowners are coming...

The Most Expensive Property Areas Across the UK

Location plays a huge part in property price and it's not rare to see the overall value of an area skyrocket with the construction of an amenity or cultural attraction. When thinking of expensive locations, London is probably the first that comes to mind but there are in fact...

Debunking Property Investment Myths

Due to the volatility of the property market, there are always plenty of rumours and myths flying around regarding the numerous factors at play when it comes to property investment. Understanding that many of these are nothing more than myths will allow you to get a better idea...

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