Should Landlords Rent to Students?

Landlords should know that there’s always a high demand for rental properties in student areas and it’s more profitable than traditional lettings. Also, this market is very consistent as there will always be students needing somewhere to live. Usually, students will...

How To Find The Right Tenants

Think about how you define the perfect tenant for your letting property. It might differ from landlord to landlord and will depend on what’s important to you. You’ll also consider the type of property you own and the area you are in. Are you located in a city centre...

Building Property to Rent

In recent years, there has been significant growth in the build to rent sector, which reports suggest will see heavy investment over the coming months and years, as the demand for privately rented properties hits an all-time high. So, what exactly is the build to rent phenomenon...

4 Tips on Buying a House During COVID-19

The housing market never sleeps, pandemic or no pandemic! Despite this, there have been some changes that can affect how houses are being sold. There has been a halt in building houses as well as increased demand for housing, as these two things directly contrast, it is important...

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