Self-Managing Landlords & Tenancy Management During COVID-19

As a landlord, and more specifically as a self-managing landlord, you are given the legal responsibilities and legal liabilities when it comes to property maintenance, you, of course, are obliged to look after and respect these responsibilities.   What are the...

Preparing Your Rental Properties for The Winter

Making sure that your rental properties are prepared for the Winter is important, as this means you will be able to keep your rental property warm during the biting, icy temperatures that come during the snowy season. You can help us, and your landlord saves our time and money...

What Can Letting Agencies Expect in 2021?

We are still only at the start of 2021 and what a year it has been so far! Here is a short overview of what we think the new year will offer for agencies and landlords.   Further Property Restrictions Even if our letting agency offices are closed, the housing market door...

5 Changes for Landlords in 2021

The coronavirus had a significant impact on the property market and the economy. As a result, many landlords have felt the need to temporarily reduce rents, while some other have found it difficult to evict non-paying or anti-social tenants because of the ban on evictions, which...

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